We are an independent chiropractic clinic in Penang looking to provide high-quality and effective service for people requiring advanced physiotherapy to solve deep muscle pains and stiffness. Our services are designed for patients needing physical rehabilitation for pain, stiffness or impaired movements.

This includes:

  • Athletes
  • Seniors
  • Arthritic Patients
  • <insert additional clientele>

Our Expert Head Doctor





<Clinical Interest>

Service Standards

Dr Joint & Spine holds itself to the professional standards of the world’s top chiropractic clinics and services. As such, we offer the following guarantees for all our patients:

We will respond to appointment/booking requests within the first 24 hours

Detailed diagnosis and consultation of problems, their cause and how to prevent them

Doctor-patient confidentiality

We will offer as many options as possible to treat your problem to agree on a solution you are comfortable with

<Insert guarantee of service>

Privacy Notice

Dr Joint & Spine is aware of its obligations to its patients as a medical practitioner. <Insert further obligations and corresponding laws>. Patients can better understand our standing on client privacy in the terms of our service found below.

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